Everlasting comfort and performance without compromises: welcome to the world of XLA™

What is XLA™ Fiber?

XLA™ Elastic Yarns are revolutionary polyolefin elastic fibers produced and offered by XLAnce Fibre Italia. The portfolio of yarns are suitable for application in Ready to Wear (Top Weights, Bottom Weights, and Knits), Denim, Swimwear, Intimate Apparel, Activewear, Professional Wear, and Tailored Apparel using conventional weaving or knitting technique. Their high elongation, combined with a good retractive force, imparts comfort and dimensional stability to woven, warp knit, and circular knit textiles and garment, even after repeated elongation (stretching).
XLA™ provides textiles with a combination of features unmatched with any other elastic yarn, without compromising the aesthetitcs determined by the base fiber. Designed to enable stretch in the new applications, XLA™ free designers from previously held constraints and allows yarn spinners and mills to create innovative fabrics for garments with soft stretch, easy care, and durability.

XLA™ is an olefin-based copolymer. The elastomeric nature of XLA™ is due to a molecular network of flexible polymer chains with two types of junctions: crystallites (2) and covalent crosslinks (1). The covalent crosslinks are stable and are responsible for the extreme heat resistance of XLA™. The flexible polymer chain and the crystalline junctions enable elastomeric properties of the fiber.
The olefin polymer backbone of XLA™ is extremely resistant to chemicals such as alkalis (including mercerization conditions), acids, oxidizing agents (e.g., sodium hypochlorite) and enzyme wash conditions and enables XLA™ to be handled in harsh fabric and garment finishing conditions.

XLA™ is the most natural choice for improved processing and end-use performance.

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    Fabrics containing XLA™ have a comfortable stretch, while allowing the base fiber to define the final fabric drape and touch.

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    Easy Care

    Allows for non-iron, wrinkle free, crisp and clean look even after many laundry cycles, with little to non existant shrinkage.

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    Low Temp Heat Setting

    Due to its unique molecular architecture, XLA™ guarantees 100% heat set efficiency at 130℃.

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    Chemical Resistence

    Bleaching, stonewashing, distressing: nothing is too harsh for XLA™. Expand your horizons without compromising stretch performance.

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    Natural Feel

    Natural denim cotton look and feel for a traditional fabric.

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    XLA™ allows for optimal stretch in both warp and weft directions while preserving the denim aestethics.

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    Termal Resistance

    XLA™ withstands temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius without compromising the stretch performance.

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    Chlorine Proof

    XLA® has the inherent chemical properties needed to resist chlorine for more than 1,000 hours – or longer than the host fiber – providing the ultimate shape retention over time.

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    UV Protection

    XLA™ Fiber is inherently resistant to the combination of UVA and UVB radiations making it the premier choice for the swimwear market.

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    Everlasting stretch performance even if exposed to the most extreme conditions.

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    Oil and Cream Resistance

    Oils, creams, perspiration and suntan lotions are no threat to XLA™ shape retention and performance usage after usage.

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    Non Iron

    Allows for optimal non iron finishing, especially combined with cotton.