Give your denim’s all the benefits of modern technology while preserving the unmatched beauty of a traditional look and feel

Denim and XLANCE™: a perfect match that redefines the meaning of natural comfort

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    Fabrics containing XLANCE™ have a comfortable stretch, while allowing the base fiber to define the final fabric drape and touch.

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    XLANCE™ allows for optimal stretch in both warp and weft directions while preserving the denim aestethics.

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    Chemicals Resistance

    Bleaching, stonewashing, distressing: nothing is too harsh for XLANCE™. Expand your horizons without compromising stretch performance.

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    Natural Feel

    Natural denim cotton look and feel for a traditional fabric.

XLANCE™ allows designers to create denim garments that are incredibly comfortable and durable, holding their shape wash after wash, and, at the same time, as soft as cotton on the skin; bleaching, stonewashing, distressing, imprinting are among the many possible treatments that won’t compromise the incredible stretch performance of the fabric.