Looking good and staying comfortable all day every day has never been easier

Inherently resistant to high heat and harsh chemicals used in industrial laundering, tunnel drying and dry cleaning.

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    Thermal Resistance

    XLANCE™ withstands temperatures up to 220 degrees Celsius without stretch performance being reduced.

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    Chemicals Resistance

    Extremely resistant to chemicals such as alkalis (including mercerization conditions), acids, oxidizing agents and enzyme wash conditions.

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    Fabrics containing XLANCE™ have a comfortable stretch, while allowing the base fiber to define the final fabric drape and touch.

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    Easy Care

    Allows for non-iron, wrinkle free, crisp and clean look even after many laundry cycles, with little to non existant shrinkage.

Uniform manufacturers, laundry suppliers and leasing companies are looking for more durable, longer-lasting garments – that meet industry standards while lowering costs and positively affecting the bottom line. At the same time, uniform and career apparel wearers need workwear apparel solutions that are safe, comfortable and easy-to wear.