Beachwear Swimwear.

XLANCE® ensures an unmatched long lasting feeling of comfort; fabrics made with it fit the body just like a second skin.

Just relax!

Fabrics made with XLANCE® yarn do not require to be rinsed after having been in contact with salt or chlorinated water.

Chlorine proof.

XLANCE® yarn boasts several inherent chemical properties which make it chlorine proof and remain unaltered for over 1000 hours of training in the swimming pool suffering no breakages!

PA6-based warp-knitted fabrics containing either 20% XLANCE® or 20% Spandex: samples were dipped in a 4-ppm-chlorine solution while under continuous dynamic stretch for 200h; the residual elasticity was constantly recorded for entire duration of the test.

Chlorine test

Over 240 hr of exposure.

Its resistance to oxidative degradation makes XLANCE® yarn also extraordinary resistant to chlorine, such that, upon exposure to swimming pool conditions, it retains its physical properties for hundreds of hours, much more than “chlorine-resistant Spandex” do.

On left, SEM images of competition garments containing either XLANCE® or Spandex after 5 months of swimwear test: XLANCE® remains fully intact while Spandex yarn is broken and fragmented by oxidative degradation.

Sun lotion + uv test.

Tests show that XLANCE® yarn outperforms competitors’ products when exposed to the combination of UV light and sun lotion.

On right, XLANCE® vs. Spandex, UV test. Exposure for 5h and 10h, AATCC 185, 43°C, 313 nm bulb (UVB).

Sun lotion + uv test

XLANCE VS Spandex.

SEM micrographs of beachwears containing either 20% XLANCE® or 20% spandex; both samples were exposed to a combination of acid sweat (ISO 105-E04) and greasy lotions for 30 minutes, after which they underwent accelerated sunlight weathering (Xenotest - ISO 105-B02) up to 400 hours: after 200 hours of light exposure, spandex yarn is severely degraded, whereas XLANCE® shows no sign of weakening even after 400 hours.

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