You don’t need to be a fish to perform into water: just choose the right swimwear.

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Long-lasting performance fit

XLANCE® features a unique high performance fit thanks to its dosed elasticity which helps supporting the body and enhancing its movements. And this unique elasticity is long-lasting thanks to its inherent resistance to UV rays and sweat.



XLANCE® is extraordinarily resistant to chlorine thanks to its capacity to resist oxidative degradation. Upon exposure to swimming pool conditions, it retains its physical properties for hundreds of hours.

80% nylon
20% spandex

80% nylon
20% xlance®
no breakages


80% nylon
20% xlance®
no breakages

Images of competition garments containing either XLANCE® or spandex after 5 months of swimwear test: XLANCE® remains fully intact while spandex fiber is broken and fragmented by oxidative degradation.


PA6-based warp-knitted fabrics containing either 20% XLANCE® or 20% Spandex dipped in a 4-ppm-chlorine solution while under continuous dynamic stretch for over 200h.

Low microplastics release



PA6-based warp-knitted fabrics containing either 20% XLANCE® or 20% spandex exposed to a combination of sunscreens and sunlight (Xenotest – ISO 105-B02, for 200 hours) and manually stretched, to simulate a typical beachwear/outdoor use.


XLANCE® microfiber release is negligible, whereas spandex yarn releases an average of 20 g of microfibers per kg of fabric.

XLANCE® has no tendency for fragmentation and microfiber shedding, not even after exposure to harsh agents, weathering or ageing, thanks to its extreme chemical/physical resistance.