XLANCE® provides the means to engineer breakthrough workwear garments solutions, without compromising style, comfort or fit.

Comfort stretch.

XLANCE® is the premium stretch yarn that enables your workwear garments to follow the body’s natural movement during your day-to-day work.

Extremely resistant to industrial laundries.

Recovery of workwear fabrics with XLANCE® fiber remains consistent after 50 industrial laundry cycles (ISO 15797 - 75°C wash and 155°C tunnel drying).

Chemical resistant.

The absence of any easily-attackable group in the polyolefin backbone plus the presence of the covalent crosslinks confer to XLANCE® fibers an excellent chemical resistance to any aggressive chemical, such as strong acids, alkalis, oxidizing agents (e.g., sodium hypochlorite), enzyme wash conditions.

On left, 1 ml of concentrated (98%) sulphuric acid was applied to the center of a denim fabric containing XLANCE® for a minimum of 4 hours, before rinsing with water: XLANCE® yarn remains fully intact.

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