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In these days and age dominated by the throwaway economy, our mission is to provide our customers with a product expressively engineered for the creation of high quality and durable elastic garments designed to stay in their lives for long and to convey a lasting sense of well-being and comfort. This is why Xlance® fiber can be seen as a better and more sustainable alternative to spandex (TPU). From workwear to beachwear: Xlance® technology is so innovative and versatile it boasts countless possible applications.

Our story

2003 – 2010
Dow Chemical Company invents a new polyolefin fiber and launches it on the textile market naming it XLA.

Our history begins: Xlance® is established and takes over Dow Chemical division devoted to the production of XLA and the related licensed technology and patents.

Xlance® is taken over by the current owners. New relevant investments are made into R&D so as to develop new marketing strategies.

Several new, last generation spinning lines are set up. Xlance® opens a branch office in Shanghai.

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What makes our
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Certifications & Corporate policy
We are committed to operate in compliance with high standards of quality and service, respecting our environment and safeguarding our staff’s health.

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R&D capabilities
We operate every day in order to continuously improve our products and services and to develop bespoke solutions to satisfy our customers’ requirements.

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Stretching & sustainable future
We are proud to say we can boast one of the lowest environmental impacts along the textile supply chain and that we pay special attention to promoting a circular economy model.

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