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Sustainability is one of the three cores of XLANCE® ’s product and vision and has always been an indispensable value for the brand, which not only concerns the product itself but also and especially the process we use to produce it. This year we are glad to announce that the fabric, realised together with our local partner YANTAI YELIN, has been awarded and won the prize of the 2022 5th China Eco-friendly fabric design competition.

This time the winning product is a fabric composed of PLA, MODAL and XLANCE (EOL) and will be seen on several occasions: in October at the JIANGSU Textile Fair and in March during the Beijing Fashion Week Eco-friendly Show, where the famous designer Wang will present a garment made from this fabric.

This is a great achievement for XLANCE® that is a positive encouragement and result of a journey for the brand’s long-term commitment to offer a solution that provides high performance but is also ecologically friendly to the environment.

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